Arik Jones


Designing the web started way back in the 8th grade (1998-99) with a small video game website I maintained on some GeoCities knock-off. The internet was still quite young and HTML, let alone CSS was but a twinkle in my eye. However running that video game website sparked a huge interest in HTML which lead to the consumption of many books on the topic. I poured my mind into learning the craft and that's where it all began.

A couple years later I dabbled in crafting custom websites in HTML, but not for profit. Oh no. These little gems were filled with font tags, tables, spacer images, scrolling marquees and a gratuitous amount of iframes that even Facebook would gasp over. Fortunately by this time web standards was becoming something of a revolution. It was changing the way websites were constructed by making CSS an integral part of establishing layouts. It eliminated the need for tables and spacer images. Like I said, it was revolution.

What started out as a small desire to produce content has now flourished into a budding career and passion for web development. Let me know if you want to work with me. :)